Marie and Karen O are working on competition format and rules and will publish later. 2017 info is posted here for reference only

The Kioski Family Cooking Competition (KFCC) 2017 will have 2 competitions Quick Fire and Main Event Like at the last reunion, we want to have a large panel of judges who are brave enough to sample the offerings of the contestants. Those not cooking, can participate in judging! Judges have to complete a scorecard on each dish rating the dishes on the following categories: Creative use of the main ingredient(s) - most important, taste - also very important, and finally presentation.

Official Cooking Competition spreadsheet as of May 7, lists entrants and judges for each competition

Quick Fire Competition

This is the shorter challenge. You'll have one hour to make a dish or meal in which you must use 4 or 5 provided ingredients. You can also use other items from your kitchen, or really anything you can get your hands on in enough time to get your dish done in an hour.

Main Competition

You will have at least 2 hours to prepare your dish/meal. This year the main ingredient is: CHICKEN That can be in any form, i.e.chicken wings, chicken nuggets, bbq chicken, canned chicken, whole chicken, etc. (*Creativity is important! Start experimenting now!*)


More entrants and judges welcome, just let us know!